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Simply stated – SPACE is not only the “Last Frontier”, it is the original Frontier – since the beginning of time, man has yearned to own space. Whether it was his own cave in the beginning, or today’s modern high rise buildings, real estate investors seek to own as much space as they can. That SPACE translates to value in today’s economy.  Some of the greatest fortunes in the world have been built by owning SPACE - space that generates income paid to the owner by the merchants and service providers of the modern economy.


CIC Realty Capital provides accredited investors the ability to own more space by diversifying into individual properties or a portfolio of properties with one goal in mind – “Building Fortunes”.


CIC Realty Capital provides fee simple ownership in Class A & B commercial real estate investments with a focus on creating the greatest risk adjusted rates of return for our investors.  CICRC principals act as the General Partner on all CICRC investments. We source, acquire, and manage the investments for our Limited Partners. We leverage our decades of experience and industry relationships to deliver high quality, best-in-class income producing properties that provide the highest possible annual returns on invested capital.

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